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The British Raj refers to the years between 1858 to 1947 when the British had rule over the Indian subcontinent. The lifestyle the British Raj had was phenomenal, especially when it came to dining. Here at East India Cafe, we take recipes and creations from the chefs and cooks of that period in time and then transform them with our own contemporary twists which we then proudly serve to you, our guests.

The British Raj would have enjoyed a full evening meal surrounded by servants, cooks and butlers who were known as Khansamas. The cooks relied on local suppliers and would then transform the food into unique, mouth-watering food that their Masters would enjoy. We work with a number of local suppliers to bring you the best produce along with ingredients from far-flung places to bring you the authentic taste of India. This is Anglo-Indian cuisine. 

Making drinks and the art of mixology brought joy and inspiration to the British Raj. The world famous gin & tonic was the preferred drink along with fruit punches and cocktails. We have a great range of gins, cocktails and fruit punches so you can be sure of the full experience.